A leader in compact line arrays, and innovator of high-output sytems, LeraSonic has lead the way to more efficient enclosures and designs for over 12 years.


From industry-leading cabinatry to militery grade hardware, LeraSonic has built some of the most precisily engineered and well-made systems in the world.


Materials, processes and a painstaking attention to detail. Every single LeraSonic product has been hand built by some of the world's most experienced engineers and technicians.



LeraSonic was started over 12 years ago by a group of engineers who believed that a different type of sound system could be built. Using and improving upon traditional designs, as well as integrating original ideas (like the Rapid Change Cartridge™) the team developed technologies that system integrators across the world have learned to count on every day. From the extreme temperatures of the Winter Olympics to the grueling tests of touring systems, LeraSonic products are depended on worldwide.

With original designs that range from wave guides to proprietary amplifiers and pre-amps, LeraSonic has formulated a robust model line that offers complete solutions across many applications, with a uniform, neutral sound across the entire product line. Partnering up with the most trusted names in transducer manufacturing, and custom woodworking machinery, the company delivers a high-end, US-made product that meets the needs of the most discerning sound engineers, system designers and end users.



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