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Working with LeraSonic/Spectr was a great experience. They installed an amazing system that is light years ahead of the JBL system we had before. They have also privided great support and helped upgrade the system 5 years later. They put in way more hours than they were paid for and took care of every little detail. Next we're bringing them on to install a 4K video system for live streaming ”


—  Dane Butler

     International Penticostal Church

    Bellflower, CA


Waterfront Installed - 2

The Waterfront

The Waterfront Venue is a great example of a straight forward live music installation using 2 point-source trapezoidal cabinets per side with  dual 18" subs under the stage. The install also featured 2 back fill speakers that covered an area with a drop ceiling.

System Spec:

SPX1228 - 2 per side

SPX218T - 1 per side

USS3 - as stage monitors

SCO102 - as back fill

International Pentecostal Church 

A perfect example of a house of worship installation with certain challenges. The tall ceilings and a frame design of the building made in necessary to use cables to suspend the 3 clusters With no room under or near the stagefor the subwoofers, the design called for flying our single 15" line array subs. The subs, paired with our AP210 cabinets, 2 per cluster, deliver an amazing combination or clarity, musical performance and SLP.

System Spec:

3 clusters of 2 x AP210 flown

3 x LS115F flown per side

3 x USS3 monitors

3 x SCO102 monitors

2 x AP16 fills

arena pro at dane's church
Cluster left
Cluster Right
Speakers Lined Up guatemala

Christmas Trees in Quatemala

With over 25 of the largest artificial Christmas trees ever built being installed all over Guatemala, LeraSonic got the chance to solve a very unique and interesting challenge. More in the article

Models Used:





Over 200 speakers in total.

George Ingalls Equestrian Event Center

A shallow and wide space, the George Ingalls Equestrian Event Center's amphitheater presented a common challenge. One that was essentially solved by the design of the LS8228 wide coverage line array, with it's 120 degree HF wave guide. Delivering a controllable pattern that elevates minute details in the program signal and stays balanced at every volume/spl level, the LS8228 fit the space ideally, and has been utilized continuously for events throughout the concert season.

FOH System Spec:

8 x LS8228 Dual 8" Line Array

2 x LS212F Sub

4 x SPX218T Subs


Pearson Park Amphitheater

Pearson Park Amphitheater, located in the middle of a park, which sits in the middle of residential, suburban neighborhood presented a challenge because it falls under many SPL restrictions. But since the LS8228, like all LeraSonic/Spectr product was designed to have the same level of detail and musicality at any level, it was idea for the venue, as it covered the wide amphitheater with its even pattern, and delivered incredible sound and detail, all while staying under the dB requirement.

FOH System Spec:

8 x LS8228 Dual 8" Line Array

2 x LS212F Sub

4 x SPX218T Subs

The World Famous Baked Potato

Hosting some of the world's best musicians, the Baked Potato presented a list of challenges from speaker and mixer placement to subwoofer placement and more. However, after 12 years with a LeraSonic/Spectr system (with 2 upgrades along the way) the Potato is considered to have one of the best sound systems in the world, even making the LA Weekly list of best places for live music.

FOH System Spec:

8 x LS8228 Dual 8" Line Array

2 x LS212F Sub

4 x SPX218T Subs

Baked Potato 2
Baked Potato 6

Levitt Pavilion Los Angeles

When the local landmark outdoor amphitheater needed an upgrade from their JBL subs, they called on LeraSonic to deliver the updated line of SPX218T subs. The touring grade subs are built to take the abuse of the road, which is idea for a system that has to be moved for every show. Mated to the Micro Tech amps the venue already had, the 4 subs provide idea coverage and LF performance for the outdoor space that sometimes hosts as many as 5,000 attendees.

System Spec:

4 x SPX218T Subs

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